Knives just as dangerous as guns


RECENTLY there have been media reports of serious crimes committed by senseless people using all sorts of knives to kill and injure innocent people.
I wonder why our leaders are not really concerned about these weapons that are being used almost every day by people who have no respect for law and order.
Knife attacks have become more and more prevalent in towns and cities than ever before because more and more uncivilised people are using them to kill. It appears that nobody seems to care about these weapons being carried around openly in public.
Knifes are as dangerous as guns so severe penalties should be imposed on people who use them to terrorise and kill.
Axes, bush knives, daggers, screwdrivers, spears, bows and arrows were never seen in public in towns and cities.
We appear to be living in the dark ages and are unable to see the bright side of the world. It’s unbelievable.
Obviously, there needs to be tougher laws to protect lives.
I suggest the following penalties be imposed:

  • Anyone carrying weapons in public should get 10 strokes of the cane in public;
  • In case of serious injury or murder, 10 to 50 years imprisonment;
  • In case of minor injury to a person, a fine of not less than Kl0,000; and
  • In case of threats and robbery, 5 to 25 years imprisonment.


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