Knowledge-based economy is key

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The National – Tuesday, February 15, 2011

THE transition to a knowledge-based economy will fuel demand for well-educated workers, according to Office of Higher Education director-general Dr William Tagis.
Tagis said educating, training and maintaining a highly-skilled workers was a key component of a competitive advantage in the workforce.
Speaking at the University of Papua New Guinea’s orientation day yesterday, he said the national workforce must constantly upgrade its skills and have the ability to adapt to changing technology and product demands through the development of a work culture that emphasises lifelong learning.
 “Education and training will become part of a process that continues well past initial entry into the workforce,” he said.
Tagis said this need for continuous training posed challenges to industries and workers, adding that employers and workers must adopt a more integrated approach to work and training.
He said technology assisted or virtual learning as part of a blended solution offering the potential to support lifelong learning both on the job and through traditional public and private education.
Tagis added that as a demand for professional occupations and trade skills and resource increases, many industry and public service occupations would be at the leading edge of job growth.