Kobol: The land is mine

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The National-Tuesday, 25th October 2011

THE developer of the disputed land area – section 111, lot 2 – insists that he is the rightful titleholder.
Joseph Kobol, principal of the Sanamo group of companies, which acquired the land title, said: “There was no fishy or hidden deal on the allocation of that piece of land.”
He said the Morobe government paid a bank cheque for the rental after the land had already been forfeited.
Following that, he applied through normal process and fulfilled the Survey Act and Lands and Physical Planning Act and the land was allocated to him.
Kobol is threatening to sue those who have gone to the media to criticise him and his company.
“Interested people should not go to the media, because it will not solve this issue and I will sue them for damages,” he said.
He said Jacob Luke, the principal of Mapai Transport, was a bidder for that piece of land. But he said Luke’s appeal was dismissed and the decision was in favour of Sanamo Construction, which sub-divided the land.
On the issue of the disabled people, he said they would still benefit because he aimed to honour the MoA reached with them.
“The rehabilitation of the
disabled agency will be fulfilled
in the allocation of two pieces of
land and the developer will still honour its commitment of their new modern facility and a 10-seater vehicle,” he said.
The development is expected to change the landscape of Lae city with a hotel, supermarket, apartments and low cost residential units.
He expects to provide employment for more than 500 people, especially residents of Papua compound and the surrounding area.
He has vowed to continue with the development of the land, unless a court order stops him.