Koiaris pledge to cooperate

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The National, Thursday 02nd Febuary 2012

THERE will be no further power and water disruptions in the National Capital District by the Koiari people, a landowner leader said.
Koiari Resource Owners Association chairman Bagua Watti gave the assurance to business houses and residents of the capital city.
Watti said they had engaged in partnership with the national government under a responsible approach to address all Koiari issues.
“Our petition was to the government on April 27, 2011, and we are now patiently waiting for the due processes to take place,” he said.
“It is our goodwill gesture to inform the city residents that water and power will not be disrupted until the benefit sharing and development package is executed.”
Watti responded to comments by some Koiari leaders about his committee, saying the benefits were huge not only for Sirinomu and Rouna but for all Koiari-speaking people.
He responded to the four clans of the Rouna hydro power stations – Ianari, Nadeka, Omani and Narimi – that the National Lands Commissions decision was in order under the National Land Act and that there could not be an appeal or dispute made against the decision through higher court.
He said as a responsible leader he would take the matter up with the prime minister and his cabinet for endorsement.
Watti said if the government settled the outstanding claims for the four clans, “it will be a history to the people of Rouna Koiari who have waited for more than 50 years”.
Last April, the Koiari shut off the supply of water to the capital city after one of their clansmen was killed in a fight in Port Moresby.
To press their demands for compensation they then shut water supply to the turbines at the Rouna hydro power stations which the city without water and power for two days.