Koim must probe MoA funds

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 30th December 2011

I WRITE on behalf of the illiterate and silent majority living in the project im­pact areas of Komo, Homa-Paua, Kutubu, Southeast Mananda and Gobi in Southern Highlands.
Many people who have never been to Southern Highlands may think that it is one of the most deve­loped provinces because of its rich hydrocarbon resources.
Although the resources were extracted in the early 1990s, the people’s standard of living has not seen any improvement.
It is a shame to see people still living in the same houses constructed from bush materials, deteriorating road conditions, low quality medical services, etc.
Instead of putting the royalties and dividends to good use, the funds were abused, diverted and wasted.
These leaders led a lavish lifestyle and enjoyed the bright city lights while their people suffered in total darkness.
When the money ran out, they made noise in the media and asked the go­vernment to release more project funds.
Over the years, millions of kina have been disbursed from the finance and treasury and national planning departments.
I call on Task Force Sweep chairman Sam Koim to investigate the abuse and recoup the money belonging to the state.

Souths Power
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