Kokoda reviews


I EXPRESS my disgust at the manner in which the Ministry of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs (DPLLA) is handling some of its Special Purpose Authorities (SPAs) and their review.
Minister Kevin Isifu, who is responsible for the SPAs, gave a directive for an independent review of the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA).
Prior to that directive there was a review at 17-Mile taken on by the Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority (Cepa).
Whatever the role or authority Cepa has over KTA, one can only guess.
The way the events are unfolding with the KTA review is suspicious.
There are two ministers in the same government fighting to oversee the review of a small organisation.
Why? The directive was for an independent review, but the way things are going show that people at the top have personal interests.
Again, why are they interested in the KTA review?
There are plenty of financial reasons for the Kokoda Track communities and these finances are held by Cepa. What arrangements has the government has seen fit to come up with such an arrangement is anyone’s guess.
The same people who did the illegal review at 17-Mile are again being invited to do the so-called independent review of KTA.
Can the minister responsible clarify to the people of Koiari what his reasons are for allowing such things to happen?
Whose interest are we serving – Cepa, DPLLGA, the national Government, the Australian Government, or the local people?
Tell the people simply that they have forfeited their land and resources to foreigners under Cepa and the Kokoda Initiative, and that they have no rights to raise their voice.
Make things look good on paper for Canberra by using money on unproductive projects.
Also tell the people that the Government departments are taking the money earmarked for people who live along track and giving it to other projects and that is why we are seeing these reviews.
We, the track communities, are slowly but surely boiling over with frustrations.
Time will tell.

Papait Michael

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