Kokoda Track aid uses sun to light up school for free


THE Kebara Primary School in Kokoda has received solar lights from Symantec Australia through the Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF).
Head teacher Paul Abong told The National that it would assist the school, particularly the students.
“The school is fortunate to be enlisted in the KTF programme which includes full scholarship,” Abong said.
“As part of the scholarship programme, the students’ tuition fees are fully paid by the foundation.”
He said they also pay for the school buildings and materials.
It is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that works with the communities living near the Kokoda Track.
The foundation was established in 2003 and supports the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea.
It provides education, health, and community service programmes such as disaster relief, microbusiness promotion and sustainable ecotourism.
The foundation initially provided young children in Papua New Guinea with study scholarships.
Over the years, it increased its support to include other
areas of health, education and welfare.
“We are grateful for a private charity organisation as KTF to go out of their way to assist our schools,” Abong said.
“Their support will go a long way in helping our children enhance their learning skills.
“For remote schools, it is often difficult for the children to do their homework and studies, now with the solar light they can be able to complete their work and learn more.