Kokoda Track to be reopened

Normal, Papua

MOUNT Kodu Resource Owners announced last Thursday the reopening of the Kokoda Track following a successful meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu.
The owners’ spokesman Barney Jack said they were “satisfied”.
Mr Jack said Sir Puka reaffirmed the National Government’s commitment to the socio-economic development of the people along the track.
“We wanted the Government to understand our position and I am happy that we were able to do that.
“Sir Puka was also passionate and concerned about the livelihood of the people of the Kokoda Track and the need to continue developing and marketing the track as a tourism icon while maintaining its historical significance to PNG and Australia.
“I have given him details of the issues involved in this and in return, I received an undertaking that the issues would be raised at the highest political level,” he said.
He also extended his appreciation to the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) and thanked KTA chairman James Enage, who is also from Koiari and a landowner, for his assistance.
Mr Jack said: “We look forward to the coming trekking season and will continue to work with Sir Puka to help our people and bring in services that will benefit all of us.
“From here on, it will be business as usual on the Kokoda Track with the season due to start soon  and we look forward to working with the Government, KTA, Kokoda Development Programme and Australia through AusAID to deliver services to our people.”