Kokopo is a model town for PNG

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

AS a Morobean, I have the following to say about Rabaul, in particular, the Kokopo township and East New Britain as a whole.
There is no doubt Kokopo is the model town for PNG.
It has a good road system, connecting the town and people in the villages, local people running PMVs with ease.
There are proper sewerage and sanitation facilities.
It has a thriving economy, modern market with good facilities such as toilets and shower, low law and order problems, no proliferation of squatter settlements, and no outsiders allowed to run businesses.
In the evenings, you do not see street vendors sitting up all night selling buai and cigarettes.
People move about freely without fear of being harassed or intimidated by criminals, and the provincial environment is conducive for economic activities to flourish and grow.
What is the formula for such a success story?
Political stability and good administration.
The governor and the four MPs are working together as a team to ensure the interest of all Tolais and Papua New Guineans living and working in Rabaul and the East New Britain receive utmost priority.
In other words, the public interest of the people takes centre stage.
As a Morobean, I felt rather ashamed and embarrassed to see our people’s interest being compromised and abused by the governor and the nine MPs.
It is high time the governor and the nine Morobe MPs show humbleness and travel to Kokopo to see what their counterparts have done to improve the welfare and lives of the people living in East New Britain, regardless of where they come from.
Governor Luther Wenge and the nine MPs have been working in total isolation and, as a result, Morobe has deteriorated to a level unimaginable.
Rather than team work, they work individually; rather than collaboration, they work in isolation.
The end result is the current sad state of affairs.
I appeal to all Morobeans to reject Wenge and the current MPs and vote new people with fresh and smart ideas, and new vision.
We have no place for recycled MPs.

Ashamed and frustrated Morobean