Kokopo last to get money from Nasfund

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The National, Monday, May 2, 2011

KOKOPO district is the first and last district to source any funding from the Nasfund sovereign community infrastructure treasury bills series.
This comes after a decision by parliament to change the law on members of parliament sourcing funds elsewhere.
Minister for Communication and Information, Patrick Tammur revealed this on his return from Singapore, saying the only project that the National Executive Council had approved was the K125 million that was for the Kokopo district alone.
This comes from the outcome of Tammur’s initiative to source K125 million outside of constitutional grants.
“I want to assure the people of Kokopo that since coming into parliament in 2007, I am not like all 109 members who sit back and wait for constitutional grants and handouts from the national government for their electorates,” he said.
“I think outside the box and that is how I secured the K125 million for my electorate.
“I had to go around and source money for the development of the people.
“I am a first-term serving leader but I am creating history.”
Recently, East New Britain Governor, Leo Dion had raised serious concerns at the manner in which the K125 million was organised and disbursed to fund community infrastructure projects in Kokopo district.
Dion said last week during the province’s first assembly meeting that although the K125 million was to be repaid to the national government, it was clear from written advice from the Department of Treasury that this financial arrangement was not sanctioned and approved by either the NEC or the Department of Treasury.
Dion said it was normal protocol that the provincial government, through the provincial executive council, was informed of the community projects and the detailed scopes and objectives.