Kokopo projects praised

National, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A COMMUNITY leader in East New Britain has expressed great satisfaction over the current level of development taking place in his local level government.
Bitapaka LLG president John Maono and his 22 ward councillors yesterday said they were happy with the development in their area.
Bitapaka is one of the four local level governments in the Kokopo electorate.
Maono and his councillors shared the sentiments during a meeting with Niugini Assets management, a company contracted to manage a water tank project.
The project was initiated by the local MP and Minister for Information and Communication Patrick Tammur.
Maono thanked the MP for undertaking major projects like road improvement, supply of water tanks, improvement to school libraries, classrooms and hospital facilities.
He acknowledged Tammur’s support for the agriculture sector, especially towards rice farmers involving the recent purchase of a rice milling machine for the district.
Maono, a second term president said his LLG had been undergoing a high level development never experienced in the past.
He said this had been the first time his LLG considered the economic hub of Kokopo.
“Today, we at Bitapaka are experiencing the kind of development that we had never seen in the past,” Maono said.