Komal gives to health centre

National, Normal

The National, Monday 08th April, 2013


DET health centre in Poroma LLG, Southern Highlands, has received K200,000 from Nipa-Kutubu MP Pesap Jeffery Komal.

He said the money would be used to improve facilities at the Catholic church health centre.

Komal said churches played an important role in the development of the country and the government would support their work.

He also gave K100,000 to the Det Primary School for the construction of staff houses.

Komal said he was saddened to see teachers living in old colonial buildings which had leaked roofs and broken walls.

“Teachers accommodation is very important.

“They cannot live in poor old houses and teach our children,” he said.

The MP also allocated K500,000 for a feeder road that  served thousands of people living in the border areas of the Nipa-Kutubu and Imbonggu districts. 

“Everyone will receive equal and fair treatment regardless of political rivalries and differences.

“We are one and money will be diverted to projects and no cash handouts,” Komal said.

Poroma LLG president Andrew Kirr thanked Komal, saying that schools, health centres and roads were vital services for people in the rural and remote areas.