Komal spells out the importance of service delivery

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

THE new member for Nipa-Kutubu, Jeffery Komal, is more interested in delivering services rather than money to his constituents.
Komal, who ousted four-term member, Philemon Embel made the statement when thanking his people for mandating him as the new member over the weekend at Taurama near Port Moresby.
“I’m appealing to my supporters and my people of Nipa-Kutubu not to follow me around hoping to get money from me.
 “I will have no money to give you people.
“I will have money for projects only and I do not want to be forced to steal from public funds to give you,” the new member said.
He said apart from his fortnightly pay, he will have no money to handout freely to wantoks and supporters and wants the people to help him deliver project to the people.
He said that too often, people expected free handouts, hoping that members have so much to spend madly but that mentality has to change.
He said more than 32,000 people have indicated through the ballot for a change and therefore he was prepared to deliver as expected by the people.
Komal also asked the 15 candidates that vied for the seat to put away their differences and support him to deliver.