Kombra: No reports of cheating in exams

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There has not been a single case of cheating during grade 12 examinations this year, Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra says.
“That is according to our formal reports, so we believe that our examination this year has been clean and this acknowledgement should go to our Minister Nick Kuman,” he said.
He told a grade 11 selection meeting in Port Moresby last Friday that for grade 10s, there were six cases of cheating compared with last year’s 40 students not certified.
“One of the tasks that he (Kuman) has undertaken is that we must set up a review of all the examination process.”
Kombra said the review was undertaken and saw 60 recommendations to give every child an equal opportunity, although some are yet to be implemented.
He said that no school in PNG exists to fail any student.
“All of us want to see our students succeed through education and have a better life, so what we all can do is do the best we can to give every opportunity to every child in Papua New Guinea so they have an equal opportunity to a better future,” Kombra said.
“For instances, for principals I know, when you start the academic year, you have parents and children coming and knocking at your schools to be enrolled and you already have 45 to 50 students in one class, so you have the choice to take in the student or send him or her away.
“Your decision, determines and shapes the future of that student.”