Komo landowners welcome airport project

Letters, Normal

ON behalf of the landowners of Komo airport project for the PNG LNG project, I would like to state that we are not part of the group demanding outstanding MoA funds to be paid before the LBBSA forums start as reported in The National recently.
For the record, Komo has been left in the dark for a long time.
There is no health service after the only health centre was destroyed during a tribal fight.
Our schools have been closed for a long time and many school-aged children do not listen to their elders, let alone church and government authorities.
As such, the airport project is God’s gift to the people of Komo after years of neglect.
We welcome the project wholeheartedly and for one so-called Komo son to say that he is the spokesman is a slap in our face.
Since when did we give the person the mandate to speak or act on our behalf?
Whose interest is he representing?
He does not represent us.


Concerned genuine landowner