Komo-Margarima projects on target

Letters, Normal

TWO letters appeared in The National – one was on Jan 14, “RESI funds misused” and another on Jan 22, “Pictures can deceive”. Firstly, it is obvious that the writer concerned is the same person pretending to exist in Lae and also in Margarima. Anyway, I thank him for his letters.
In response to the first letter, I manage to secure K6 million and not K4 million from the RESI programme. I got that money from the National Government and assisted many schools in my district. I also extended my generosity and gave K100,00 to Habare SDA School in the Tari-Pori electorate because that is the SDA-run school for all the children from the Hela province-to-be.
Apart from many schools in that benefitted from my hard work, the writer mentioned Tengo (K50,00), Awapia (K50,000), Wabia (K50,000) and Yongo (K150,000). The money for Awapia is still in the district’s account, Yongo was allocated K140,000 and all the schools listed here got their money.
Hiri, Songura, Tundaka Tigibi, Wabia and Dauli schools will get their double-storey classrooms. I am waiting for the contractor to build them.
In relation to the second letter, I have never submitted pictures of K1.2 million classrooms of Margarima High School and Tigibi Primary School. I challenge Mr Concerned to show me where those pictures are in that Government office that he claimed to have visited recently. Otherwise, he can ring my staff on 327 7543 and inform them.
Margarima High School got many support from me. Under the RESI, I have allocated K1 million and the contractor is in the process of building the classrooms and staff houses.
Komo-Margarima district, under my political leadership is seeing many change every where. I have been fair and honest.
In a district that has been abandoned by its past leaders and known for by-elections, what I am doing is like a drop in the ocean.
I welcome letters or criticisms but be fair, considerate and honest.


Francis Potape,
Member for Komo-Margarima