Komo people set up 20 companies

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TWENTY landowner companies have been established in the Komo district of Southern Highlands province.
The incorporated land groups (ILGs) are believed to be from the surrounding oil, gas and pipeline areas in the Hela region, who are targeting the spin-offs from the PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
The ILGs are Kamia Constructions Ltd, Hoyabe Security Services Ltd, Wapi Wali Kimbu House Keeping Ltd, Nalipa Pu Pipi Wreckers Ltd Hela HOTT Power Ltd, Da Hani Transport Ltd, Yamali Guest House, Yami Igini Building Constructions Ltd and 11 other businesses.
Members of the ILGs from Timu, Lau, Davidavi, Kuyali, Beneria Station, Tamita, Japakaru, Honaka, Pakale, Yarale, Homapawa, Angore, Nokoli, Hidawi, Dauli, Taiya, Tumi, Mbakoya, Tagiaipa and Awotangi, all in Block 1788 of the petroleum development licence (PDL) 11, met in Mt Hagen last Friday to formally announce the ILG formation.
Block 1788 is in the 360km LNG pipeline which will run from Angore to Homa Pawa.
Councillor Pore Tege Mondoro, an executive of one of the companies, told his fellow leaders, directors and executives they could not sit and observe the events unfolding when they were the rightful landowners of the pipeline, oil and gas.
Block 1788’s interim chairman James Maiya said: “It is sad to see most mothers, girls and women in the village confused over the way one or two so-called paper landowners are doing things in Port Moresby.
“It is convenient to meet mothers, sisters and the older folks in the villages who could not afford to travel to Port Moresby and organise what is best for them here.”
Women representatives Dr Rose Andrew and Dr Annett Ketalu commended the move by their leaders.
“Organising Block 1788 and pipeline is about team work and we will stand together to ensure our people get what rightfully belongs to them,” he said.