Kondra’s bill is bad medicine

Letters, Normal

THE proposed bill by North Fly MP Boka Kondra is stupid.
All the MPs must disregard this bill for the sake of our young vibrant country.
This bill is bad medicine for PNG.
Today, we are in dire need of leaders who are alert, visionary, honest, transparent and who can see the bigger picture.
The term “landowner” is an imported word.
It (landowner) came with ideologies such as capitalism and democracy when the system of our government came into play. 
Papua New Guineans, for thousands of years, have been land squatters.
When I say squatters, I refer to the Oxford Dictionary which means “crouch or sit with the knees bent and the heels close to the bottom or thighs” closer to the earth. 
We, for thousands of years, have been practising “communal ownership” where we move from place to place looking for food.
Our culture and custom is that we, the present generation of Papua New Guineans, are the current custodians of the land, and must care for it for our future generations.
Parliament early this year passed the amendment to customary land registration and the incorporated land group (ILG). 
The ILG is in line with our custom and culture of communal ownership of land. 
The purpose and intentions of this amendment should be realised and appreciated by all interested parties.
However, I cannot say the same about the proposed bill by North Fly MP Boka Kondra to change the Mining Act (section 5) from “property of the State” to “the property of the landowning group”.
It is absurd and backed by nothing but sheer greed and shortsightedness.
If the proposed bill is passed, you will see a big gap of the haves and have-nots.
I think the Mining Act (section 5) should not be touched in any way. 
The law is for the people of this country. 
Leaders should not talk about dividing the country but to unite the country to make it truly “one people”.

Concerned Papua New Guinean
Port Moresby