Kondra: Govt will help

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The National, Thursday 13th June 2013

 TOURISM, Art and Culture Minister Boka Kondra last weekend visited Imigabip village located between Tabubil in North Fly district, Western, and Telefomin in West Sepik.

The villages in the area are surrounded by the magnificent Edinburgh Wall and the plateau is covered by virgin rainforest inhabited by all kinds of flora and fauna. 

Kondra and his delegation had travelled on a helicopter and encountered thick clouds over the rainforest. They were about to turn back when an experienced guide and the pilot spotted the village. 

He was the first government minister to visit the village.

The trip was to promote the government’s policies on service delivery to eliminate poverty, law and order issues and economic burden.

“Your burdens are no longer your own now. It is your government’s burden to build roads, pay school fees, provide quality and affordable education. It is a new era,” Kondra told the people.

Kondra outlined his benefit-sharing deals with investors on resources and challenged the communities to be mindful of conservation of the environment and promote tourism.

He also made a commitment to build a road to the village.