Kool launches handbook

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014

 THE Chimbu Provincial Education Division has launched the country’s first secondary schools assessment and reporting policy handbook.

Provincial education adviser Essy Walkaima, provincial administrator Joe Kunda and Governor Noah Kool agreed that the initiative to write a school assessment reporting policy was a milestone for Chimbu.

Kool, who launched the handbook, congratulated administrator Joe Kunda, whose term in office was renewed by the Government.

“Continuity is very important for stability and consistency,” he said.

Kool thanked Walkaima for providing a stable leadership.

Kunda called for the support of schools and in-service coordinators in implementing the new policy.

He said a student’s performance would depend on the assessment and reporting.

Provincial examination and in-service coordinator Leo Milima said in-service coordinators, deputy principals and subject teachers helped produce the handbook.

“All schools now have uniform assessments from Grade 9-12 which will help teachers plan, teach and assess in accordance with the policy.”

“It is now up to the schools to implement in their respective schools,” Milima said.