Kopaol case needs explanation

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

THERE are two sides in a coin and depending on which side you are on, you feel glad or aggrieved.
I am referring to the alleged defraud of Southern Highland provincial government (The National, Jan 25).
The office of the public prosecutor has been set up as an independent office to promote accountability and transparency and minimise corruption. It has been bestowed with powers to prosecute without fear or favour, depending on the crime that is committed. 
The office is doing a tremendous job in exposing and arresting people who are receiving money through dubious means.
Our government system has been entrenched with this culture and the public prosecutor office is at the forefront, fighting against corruption.
For the case of Margaret Ovangi Kopaol, it is an outdated and had been cleared last year.
If I am correct, there were so many public servants, politicians and leaders in Southern Highlands who had been arrested and charged during the state-of-emergency in 2006.
To date, nobody has been charged and put behind bars. As far as I know, people who got more than Kopaol had been cleared or investigators are not interested in pursuing their case.
Can the office of the public prosecutor explain and justify why Kopaol’s had been given more prominence than others who had been charged with the same charges or offence during the state-of-emergency?
She was cleared last year, yet they re-arrested her and I wonder whether the public prosecutor was being pressured from outside to fulfil evil motives.  


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