Kopkop head calls for togetherness

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The National, Tuesday 18th September, 2012

PAPUA New Guinea is made of different languages and cultures but the spirit of togetherness must be empowered, says Kopkop College principal Maria Kopkop.
The college in Port Moresby came alive last Friday as students performed traditional dances to celebrate the country’s 37th independence anniversary.
The students were divided into the four regions – Highlands, Mamose, New Guinea Islands and Southern – with two representatives contesting the Kopkop King and Queen quest.
The contestants came in colourful traditional attire to perform dances using traditional musical instruments.
Board of director member Leon Buskens told the students that 37 years was a great journey for the country.
“All of us are here today because of the efforts of some great men before us,” he said.
“The country has achieved lots in these 37 years but PNG is still a baby and many times people and nations knock and talk us down but we are a great, proud nation.”
He told the students it was their day to celebrate with pride and dignity for having a beautiful country made of rich, diverse cultures, languages and terraneous geographical locations.
Kopkop said, “It is important that all students know what independence means for the nation and the people as all schools throughout the country put a lot of effort to celebrate the day and we are proud that we got independence without bloodshed.
“Here in Kopkop, we have proudly displayed our diverse cultural traditions with the independence spirit in joining all Papua New Guineans throughout the country as we embrace the spirit of togetherness.”
She called on the government to embrace this spirit of togetherness in all institutions so they could work together for the good of the country.
Kopkop said the government must support schools or education programmes in the country to provide the best for the children of the country.