Kopkop keen to send students to Australia

Youth & Careers

THE Kopkop College in Port Morseby has recently applied to the Queensland State education department for its approval to prepare its students who are intending to study in Queensland.
“We are in the last stages for the school’s application for accreditation,” said director for support services Petranella Buskens.
“The accreditation process will ensure that the school has the capacity to deliver the courses for the Unilearn pathway programmes.
“Courses such as language, mathematics, business, information and communication technology, cultural studies, global learning project and digital profile,” Buskens said.
The Unilearn Pathways programme that was established in 2003, is a preparatory course for international students interested in studying at tertiary institutions in Queensland. It is a programme run by the Queensland State Education Department.
“We are looking at the year 2020 to implement the Unilearn pathways programmes for our students who want to study in Queensland.”

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