Kramer: Booze laws need change


THE production, sale and consumption of cheap alcohol is an issue faced throughout the country that requires laws to be introduced to control it, Justice Minister Bryan Kramer says.
Responding to Goroka MP Aiye Tambua in Parliament, Kramer said there were laws and authorities that controlled alcohol production and sale, which included the provincial liquor licensing commission under provincial governments, which had the power to issue and regulate the use of alcohol in a province and even issue bans on alcohol.
Tambua said in addition to the fact that most gender-based violence (GBV) cases rose from alcohol abuse, especially among young people, Goroka had seen an increase in GBV cases and a contributing factor was the easy access to cheap alcohol.
“Do we have a regulatory body to monitor alcohol and if we don’t can we have one set up quickly?” he said.
Kramer said recently, the Constitutional Law Reform Commission completed a report which the Department of Justice and Attorney General would present in Parliament soon.
“There is legislation there, but we may have to introduce greater legislation perhaps at the national level,” he said.
“I am looking forward to bringing such amendments that allows national departments rather than waiting on provincial governments because there is a process that they may decide to invoke or not invoke and may not follow due process.”
Kramer said his department was looking at having longer alcohol bans than the current 21 days.
He said certain alcohol products could also be banned.
Kramer said they would also look at strengthening laws to protect society against alcohol abuse.

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