Kramer challenges judge’s decision

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POLICE Minister Bryan Kramer has filed an urgent application to appeal a decision by Deputy Chief Justice Ambeng Kandakasi made on March 5, restraining him from interfering in police operations.
Kramer’s Lawyer Simon Dewa, from Jema lawyers, said the application was urgent because Justice Kandakasi’s orders were made out of context of pleading in the court.
Dewa told The National that Kramer needed to address issues of police misconduct during the state of emergency period but could not do so because of the restraining order.
Supreme Court Judge David Cannings adjourned the hearing of the application to tomorrow to determine whether to grant leave to appeal the restraining orders made against Kramer by Deputy Chief Justice Kandakasi.
On March 5, Justice Kanadakasi restrained the police minister from interfering in police day-to-day operations through various orders.
Kramer was restrained from receiving direct complaints on the police by public.
He was further restrained form issuing commands, directives and orders to the police commissioner or any police officer including details of ongoing cases and operational matters requiring complaints to be investigated, requiring persons to be arrested and charged.
Kandakasi made the orders in a separate court proceeding between Kramer and Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill where the police minister had accused the former prime minister of misappropriation on social media.


  • Since before the lockdown, no one has been sacked as promised by the current Government when they took office.
    Leave should be granted to the appeal to have the Minister of Police to do his job without looking over his shoulders.
    Rip corruption out of the Police Force, the Government and the country as a whole.

  • This effectively renders BK a minister without powers. This may not be good for the Ministry and the force. The good judge appears to have issues with the minister therefore the case should be dealt with by another judge.

  • Before giving these orders the court should clearly define the boundaries of the Political head and the bureaucrats in their responsibilities. What I understand is that the political head should issue policy directives but also oversee that these directions and policies are being implemented. Kramer should use his powers to use the technical team on the ground to get the job done. It would not be proper only if he is actually doing the policing.

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