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MINISTER for Justice Bryan Kramer says the National Executive Council (NEC) approved regulation called the Public Service (Management) Minimum Person Specification and Competence and Regulations for Selection and Appointment of Departmental Heads and Provincial Administrators does not apply to the appointment of the police commissioner.
“In 2003, NEC approved a regulation called the Public Service (Management) Minimum Person Specification and Competence and Regulations for Selection and Appointment of Departmental Heads and Provincial Administrators,” he said
“This regulation provided that any person applying for a position of departmental head or provincial administrator must meet a number of minimum requirements to be considered for the appointment.
“These requirements number more than 18 and include everything from minimum tertiary education, over the age of 35, management experience and skills to health and fitness.
“So there is no confusion this regulation was proposed by the Department of Personnel Management as the agency responsible for Public Service through the Minister of Public Service for NEC’s approval.
“When NEC introduced the regulation specifying the minimum requirements for persons to be appointed to be departmental head and provincial administrators, did it intend the regulation to apply to the Commissioner of Police?
“Short answer, in my respectful view, is no.
“My evidence to support this view is that NEC appoints the Commissioner of Police and if it intended the Commissioner of Police to be subject to the regulation, then it would have applied it to every Commissioner of Police appointed since 2003.
“The same can be said about the Department of Personnel Management which proposed the regulation in the first place and would have otherwise applied it in the shortlisting of candidates for the position.”


  • kramer, you are right. there may be something under the carpet that might be expose later which these two gentle men were afraight of. That is why they were finding ways to remove the current appointed police commissioner because he might expose them too. David Manning is the best commissioner who is supporting to weed out corruption within the force as well as other major cases. He has an agenda to help the Marape Basil government to take back PNG

  • No one ever disputed previous appointments and this one has gone to the courts. Enough of selfish explanation and go back to the drawing board to choose the right candidate of go to the supreme court and proof your assertion.

  • But it would be good to have a Police Commissioner who has a higher education credentials in the future. Senior policemen and women should be sent to universities for studies to complement the high positions they hold so the police force can have confidence in their superiors. Highly educated police superiors have the knowledge on how to deal with police matters and do not bow down and be misled by corrupt MPs.

  • Kramer is correct. The judge erred while handing down this judgment so must appeal the case and allow Manning to continue. There’s no better person to take over at this time!

  • Kramer, is correct. Past Commissioners did not possess University Qualifications to be appointed. They raised through ranks and files through in house trainings. Why is these two former Commissioners running to court. One of these Commissioners was former PPC Madang. I think he has something to hide when it comes to Madang politics.

  • Many or almost all of these policemen and women are grade 12 dropouts. If that is of the requirement, why not having Police University or a program taught in universities that is required by police so whoever interested in becoming policing take up the course to be qualified. Stop recruiting grade 10 and 12 dropouts. Police department with education department need to iron out things immediately.

  • Kramer is right, NEC approved a person for the position by screening all applicants. This is not his Electorate office and he can politically appoint anyone upon his political motives???

    Come on

  • The Judge has definitely made a grave error in his decision and ruling in favour of the two Police Officers. NEC, PSC and DPM Policies of appointments are correct/right in line with the Constitution of this country. Working rank and file up the ladder and with good performance record and experience counts hips than the lousy mere tertiary with higher qualification education from an University whatever,etc etc is beside the point. These recognized Committees have the powers to make the rightful Decisions and the Appointments Officially under the laws of the State run Institutions and Organizations governed by the Constitution of this country. Wisdom Prevails.

  • Democratic country with its free will, freedom of expression, right to be heard, etc etc is the game here. These two senior police officers have their right to all these. Perhaps the point that is missing here and apparently the basis of their actions is the so called ” wearing of two caps” that is Mr Manning being the Police Commissioner and the Secretary of the RPNGC . Should this be the case, allow DPM and PSC to screen applications of potential candidates for the Secretary’s position based on the merit, whilst Mr. Manning remain as the Commissioner of Police.

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