Kramer explains harried departure

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The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

THE man at the centre of the PNGRFL AGM contest, Bryan Kramer, reacted angrily to a report in the other daily claiming he had “snuck out” of a meeting with Highlands affiliates in Mt Hagen earlier in this month.
“I dispute any claim that I snuck out of a meeting with the Highlands presidents as reported in yesterday’s back page of the Post-Courier,” Kramer said in a release. 
He said he had a flight to catch that afternoon and had met with presidents at the set time, however, some league affiliates (Wabag and Ipatas Cup) had arrived at the end of the meeting, which he said was unfortunate.
“The meeting was scheduled from 2pm to 4pm. Unfortunately, I missed the flight and had to fly out the next day.
“I agreed to meet with the Highlands  presidents at their request to clarify the confusion regarding the 2010 AGM held on Nov 28 in Lae. 
“I briefed them on the PNGRFL Constitution and distributed copies of the court order to clear up any misunderstanding on the legitimacy of my election,” he said.
“If they felt left in suspense, then I suggest in future they turn up before the meeting starts and not at the end.”