Kramer keen to dig into allegations on former MP


MADANG MP Bryan Kramer says he will seek an appointment with Police Minister Jelta Wong and Commissioner Gari Baki to discuss evidence he has about the misuse of funds by a former MP.
Kramer told The National that he would take the matter to court if he failed to get a response from them.
“The minister does not by law have any power of direction over the police force. He obviously has the audience of the police commissioner,” he said.
“This matter was filed in 2013, I’ve issued letter after letter through the right channels of the police.
“If there is no sufficient response, if they do not explain why it hasn’t happened then it’s more than likely that I’ll take the matter directly into court.”
Last week, Kramer called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in Parliament to explain his involvement in 2012 in securing funds for former Madang MP Nixon Duban’s election campaign.
Kramer claimed that O’Neill had directed the National Gaming Control Board to release K300,000 for the purpose of refurbishing a hospital.
The contract was allegedly awarded to a known People’s National Congress Party supporter who allegedly passed the money on to Duban.
Kramer made a statement in reference to a prior question asked by Moresby North-West MP Sir Mekere Morauta. In response to Sir Mekere’s question, O’Neill said he would resign if a shred of evidence showed that he had ever misused public funds.
Kramer then told Parliament he had in his possession such evidence.
Kramer said since it was budget week, he would seek an appointment and wait for their response.
“I’ll give them this week, at least four or five days, and by next week if there is no response then I will pursue the matter in court.”