Kramer: Officers to wear red armbands

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POLICE officers and soldiers patrolling the streets of Port Moresby to enforce the Covid-19 health measures such as the wearing of masks will be wearing red armbands, says Police Minister Bryan Kramer.
This comes after Prime Minister James Marape assured the people on Monday that the use of soldiers to assist police around the city was not meant to “scare people” but to manage crowds and ensure order.
“Let me dispel any unnecessary politically-induced messages. The army and police are simply public relation agents for crowd control making sure people are moving in an orderly fashion, space and distance is given,” Marape said.
Kramer said they had learnt from the first lockdown in March lessons regarding the interactions between the police and the people.
“All (officers and soldiers) involved in the Covid-19 operations will be wearing red armbands as they conduct daily operations,” he said.
“Lessons were learnt from the first lockdown and thus we are implementing an identification system to show the public who will be enforcing and authorised to be enforcing the mandatory wearing of masks.
“The buses will have crew wearing masks and passengers limited to 15.
“The bus stops will be manned by the soldiers and police.”
Police Commissioner David Manning said 300 soldiers would be assisting police in the city operation.


  • Interesting to know how the RPNGC and the PNGDF will be crowd controlling people, in an orderly fashion while maintaining social distancing in busy crowded market places.

  • So many people in the capital city who fend for survival by doing informal business are those that have a lack of knowledge and are ignorant when it comes to listening and reasoning why such things do happen. They only cry out to the government for help and demand to be attended to when disaster strucks them whilst at the first place they do not want to listen to the hand that they will run to when disaster struck them, what a generation of ignorant people and disorganized human beings, the bible says that “my people are destroyed because of lack of knowlege”.

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