Kramer plans to limit politics in dept

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POLICE Minister Bryan Kramer on Thursday announced that he will limit politics in the Police Department and focus on equipping their personnel to carry out their duties.
Kramer said his ministry would also push for a more stringent screen process to ensure only the best and most qualified applicants were be admitted into the constabulary.
“Many of these people have tarnished the good name of the Papua New Guinea Constabulary (PNGC) and have degraded it in the eyes of the public,” Kramer said.
The Madang MP said the reason he was doing this is the safety of the public are sometimes at stake because some police officers abuse their powers while in the line of duty.
“I accepted the invitation to be Police Minister because I want to take politics out of the police and make sure public safety is the priority.”
He said with the country facing economic challenges, law and order needed to be maintained in order to support all state programmes and enterprises and private businesses.
Kramer told that to people gathered at Gusap, Markham, in Morobe during the opening of Gusap Police Barracks – an administration building, two training blocks and an armoury unit – on Thursday.

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