Kramer pledges help for women against violence

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MADANG MP Bryan Kramer has pledged to help women in his province in the campaign against gender-based and sorcery-related violence.
He said during the Inap Nau Laikim na Lukautim Femili campaign launched in Port Moresby yesterday that government intervention was a big boost and a major drive in the campaign.
Oxfam partners have called on the Government to assist in the campaign against gender-based and sorcery related violence.
Kramer said politicians were not usually motivated by real issues in the community.
“So when you put together proposals to them, you are not going to get the response that you want,” he said.
Kramer said politicians were only concerned about what would guarantee their re-election.
He said some politicians were concerned about how they could benefit from their own District Service Improvement Programme funding to get re-elected again.
Kramer encourage the partners to use the media to conduct awareness. “For Madang, because I occupy a political space that decides everything, I have the privilege to work with and assist people who are passionate about the welfare of other people,” he said.
Kramer encouraged the participants to take an interest in politics as it would decide the future of everyone.