Kramer vows to return cars

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POLICE Minister Bryan Kramer has promised that all vehicles used by police during the Apec Leaders’ Summit last November will be returned to the Finance department.
He told Parliament yesterday that all the vehicles used by the police were being tracked down.
“After meeting with Finance Minister Charles Abel because all Apec assets come under his ministry and department, they are tracking down vehicles given to police for use during Apec,” Kramer said.
“No decision has been made on what vehicles have been specifically allocated to police. Those used (for) Apec will be returned to the Finance Department. They will then decide what will be allocated to police on a full time basis and what would be put up for tender.”
Ijivitari MP Richard Masere had sought an explanation from Kramer on the Apec vehicles used by police.
Kramer said there were some vehicles still being used for police operations which acting Commissioner David Manning had recovered. They were previously in Bomana but have been moved to the wharf.
“I’m waiting for a list from the Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan which I will pass onto Commissioner Manning to recover all vehicles that had not been formally handed over,” Kramer said.
He said he had made a request for six vehicles to be allocated to a project “we are carrying out on a station of excellence”.
“Some buses have been allocated to police so we can assist in (transporting officers) to and from work. Most of them live in settlements and cannot come to work at night. The final decision (will) come from the Finance Department,” Kramer said.

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