Kua explains lengthy delays

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


ATTORNEY-General Kerenga Kua (pictured right) has blamed unnecessary court filings and stay orders for the prolonged delay in court decisions on election petitions. 

“The delays are caused by aggrieved parties that seem to file unecessary statements and have taken court orders that have the court processes stalled,”Kua said.

“Steps are being taken to sort out all petitions. People must learn to accept decisions and let the court deal with the matters. 

“All the steps taken are within the proper laws and resources to address the issues.”

Kua was responding to Moresby North East MP Labi Amaiu who had raised concerns about the delays in processing election petitions.

Amaiu said he was defending an election petition that had been pending in court for the past six months. 

He said the delay in reaching a decision was affecting his electoral duties and his constituents,

Kua said a timeframe was set by the Chief Justice and all judges were supposed to have all election petitions settled by May. 

He said that was achieved as all major election cases were completed with only four remaining. 

He encouraged aggrieved parties to stop interfering and let the courts deal with the issues and respect the law.     

He said it was no use bringing a matter to court and then interfering by making threats to another party by possessing arms or verbal threats.