Kua: I was left out of talks

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FORMER Justice Minister and Attorney-General Kerenga Kua told the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) K3 billion loan yesterday that he should have been involved in its discussions.
Kua, who appeared before the commission yesterday, said although he was never involved or invited, he tried twice to discuss the loan with then prime minister Peter O’Neill.
Kua is expected to present whatever information he has to the inquiry on Aug 24.
“On my own initiative, I did try to procure prime minster O’Neill’s attention to discuss the pros and cons of the UBS loan twice in Port Moresby, and another time in Singapore,” he said.
“All those discussions I’m happy to cover it in my evidence on what I said and what I contributed to the loan transaction, although I was never formally invited.”
Kua said not being asked to play a role in the discussions of the loan deal in itself was an important evidence of denial of process because he was the Attorney-General during the entire period.
“The things that I should have been involved in but not involved in are material evidence to show whether we had gone through processes.
“Everything that I am aware of within my knowledge I will provide to this COI.”
Kua said he did not have any documents because he was never invited, was not involved nor shown anything at all.
Kua said he wrote to O’Neill later.
“That was the only letter that I created over the subject matter and I will submit that as evidence,” he said.
Kua said the Government should get advice from two sources: the State Solicitor and the principal legal adviser by virtue of the constitution.


  • I’m wondering what would be the next step after those involved were identified and found guilty; My fellow humans are suffering and served years in jail over stealing of food gardens, money below K100, so and so. Let law be fair to everyone.

  • Now you said you discuss about it. Are you trying to clean your self Kua. Politician are waiting for opportunities and they benefits out of illegal way. When it does diot happen the way he expect he began to talk on the other side. Now you start to say your side. When this loan token was going on only Don polye came strong and the nation heard about it. You other hide untill now you come out. You are another PNG POLITICIAN thief Kua.

    • D.Songo, you can’t defamed a leader unless you have proof.
      Hon. Kua was also sacked with Don Polye.
      He tried to provide advice to former PM which was rejected and I believe the letter will be provided on August 24th, so keep an eye on it.

    • Mr. Songo. How much did PO deposited into your account. Are you living in a glass house like your tribesman, suppose NO gat SHUT UP.Don’t be stupid like PO. Hon. Kerenga KUA is a well respected leader of Simbu such comment is a slap on the face of Simbus and PNG law abiding citizens. If you are man enough with your corrupt PO come to Simbu and announce to the people of Simbu that Hon. Kerenga Kua is a thief.

  • Ok, the Government is spending millions of kina on the COI and we are waiting for its outcome!

    Will it be the usual WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE with huge sums of money wasted.

    If that happens, don’t encourage more COI’s.

  • After months of the UBS Inquiry costing more than K200 million I guess we will read:
    “It is difficult to blame any one person for the UBS Loan deal as there is so much conflicting evidence. However the Inquiry has highlighted weaknesses in PNG’s financial system from which we can plan how to go forward and learn from what we have heard. There will be a better future that will benefit all stakeholders……..etc etc”
    The lawyers’ wallets fuller they will be off home thinking how it all ended happy ever after!

  • Enough is enough, the small hard working people of this wonderful nation of ours has suffered because of greedy politicians who wants to build their own empire. Well I tell you, your days are numbered, your wealth will be scattered, your generation will be erased and your name will be erased from our minds, the God of the universe has heard the cry of the suffering. Repent and confess your sins to God and the people of this nation or face the judgement of God.

  • Sad to say we continue to hear of politicians’ actions that seem to go against the laws of this country. We can change governments but if same individuals are in it then the status quo continues. Those found guilty must be jailed or made to repay. All past cois have been waste of time and money. Let this one be different to set precedent for future. I agree Arthur. That’s been the case all along as you know. Hope it doesn’t happen this time.

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