Kua urges magistrates to implement new legislations

National, Normal

The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 SENIOR provincial magistrates have been urged to successfully implement recent legislations passed by Parliament.

Attorney-General and Justice Minister Kerenga Kua said laws were importance to alleviate the increasing social ills in the country. 

Kua said Parliament, in its last session, passed amendments to the Lukautim Pikinini Act and new Juvenile Justice Act. This followed the passing of the Family Protection Act last year.

“Apart from these two new legislations, you have much ongoing and related work on Interim Protection Orders and Alternative Dispute Resolution on civil and land matters throughout the country,” he told participants.

“What better opportunity than this annual conference of Senior Provincial Magistrates to familiarise ourselves with these important legislations for the protection of two of our most vulnerable groups in society – our mothers and children.”

Kua said the Magisterial Services and the senior provincial magistrates are critical components to the success or otherwise of these important laws.

He commended chief magistrate Nerrie Eliakim for her plan to conduct  stakeholder workshops this year for magistrates and court officials.

Kua said he did not want the conference to be just another “talk fest” for the magistrates to associate with other government departments and agencies.

“Let the Magisterial Services be an example of how we do things – I implore the chief magistrate and your staff to seriously take into account the provincial reports and actually implement most, if not, all of them,” he said.

“I will be interested in your agreed recommendations later this week. 

“I will then keenly follow these recommendations and hope that we gather again about this time in 2015, we will have fully implemented them.”