Kua urges probe into Manek attack

National, Normal

PNG Law Society president Kerenga Kua has urged police to determine who was behind the assassination attempt on Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek last Friday.
Mr Kua said that if the attack was in relation to Mr Manek’s job, then “there is a very serious message for all leaders and law enforcement agents and agencies”.
“The office of the Ombudsman Commission and the Chief Ombudsman and his officers play a very important role in balancing the excesses of power and sometimes, touch on persons’ rights and aspirations and there is potential for some to react in a personal way and we cannot accept such extreme acts,” he said.
“If the forces of evil have, over time, become so confident as to ascend to perform brazen and bold attacks on the constitutional office holders of this country, then we have some serious times ahead of us,” Mr Kua said.
“The police must throw all its resources into this investigation to ascertain the motive of the attack and who was behind it; because it (the attempt on Mr Manek’s life) only causes all constitutional office holders to be filled with anxiety as they move around.
“It also raises questions of whether or not the State and its police force will protect them while performing their constitutional duties,” Mr Kua said.
“The police must come down hard. No expenses should be spared in the investigations,” he said.