Kudjip is ideal to become Jiwaka PHQ

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The National

I REFER to the recent debate on the location of the Jiwaka provincial headquarters.
Many people have rooted for either Minj or Banz.
Those who backed Minj say it is an ideal place because it has a huge reserve of State land.
They also say this is vital as compensation will not be a problem and we all know how long it takes to reach a compromise.
However, we have seen the Minj High School’s administration building being razed, constant tribal fights and the poor attitude of the local people with regards to public properties.
Banz, on the other hand, is said to be a safe place to work.
The people there are friendly and they take pride in looking after public properties.
However, if a detailed and thorough feasibility study were to be conducted, Kudjip would be the ideal location to become the provincial headquarters.
It is located near the Highlands Highway and accessibility will not be a problem.
People from Waghi, Kambia and Jimi can agree on this fact.
The Sekang, Kuma, Tongai, Berepka, Dimanka, Pekuka and all block holders will acknowledge this fact.
The Nazarene Hospital, nursing college, community school and the police station were not harmed during the tribal fight in the 1980s.
The people of Kudjip know how to look after public properties and respect infrastructure and facilities.
The Jiwaka working committee is conducting feasibility studies on where the provincial headquarters should be located.
I strongly call on the members to take Kudjip into account as it too, like Minj, has a huge reserve of State land.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Simon Kaiwi, Nick Kuman and others for making Jiwakans’ dream come true.


Concerned Jiwakan