Kudjip Nazarene Hospital re-opens

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KUDJIP Nazarene Hospital in the Jiwaka region re-opened its door last Thursday after one-week of stop work.
The management of the hospital closed down their operation on Dec 15 after locals assaulted a construction worker who was building a new duplex for the hospital.
The locals had demanded compensation for the land in which the hospital was built.
The hospital was re-opened after the locals’ apologised to the management of the hospital and admitted that some of the land they were occupying belonged to the State.
They told the management that they would not issue any threats or attack its employees in the future.
They even told their fellow men and women occupying State land near the hospital to vacate the land and move elsewhere and leave the land free for any future developments.
Administrator of the hospital, Dr Bill McCoy, has accepted the apology and told the people that they were only there to help people by providing them with better health care and also to help look after their spiritual well-being.
He said that they were not here to profit from them.
Dr McCoy said they must work together to protect employees and the assets of the hospital.