Kulunga: Allocation for Lae operations was only K500,000

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The National,Friday20January 2012

POLICE Commissioner Tom Kulunga has denied that K8 million was given to police to fund operations during the ethnic violence in Lae last year.
Kulunga said the government only allocated K500,000 for the operations and all the money had been used for that purpose.
“I am aware that all bills were settled from the K500,000,” he said.
Kulunga said the constabulary had not received K8 million as claimed by rumour-mongers in Lae.
He said members of the constabulary with grievances should not use unsubstantiated rumours to attack the integrity of the police hierarchy.
The industrial hub of the country, Lae, including parts of Morobe such as the Nawaeb and Huon Gulf districts were gripped by ethnic violence last year that saw police manpower from Port Moresby and Lae brought in to curb the violence. 
Kulunga said legitimate grievances should be addressed through the normal administrative channel and not the media.
“Speculation and rumour in the media are unhealthy for the organisation because they create unnecessary anxiety and confusion in the minds of people,” Kulunga said.
He has issued instructions for a report to be made to his office as soon as possible to enable him to verify the claims made by Lae Met-Supt Nema Mondia in the media.