Kulunga hopes to get new uniforms for all

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The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

POLICE Commissioner Tom Kulunga hopes to introduce proper uniforms in a uniform colour under the new government.
Though it was not the top-most priority, he still listed it high in his agenda to reform the Royal PNG Constabulary under new Police Minister Nixon Duban.
He said he wanted to provide a disciplined, professional, trusting and caring policing service.
Among his objectives is the transformation of the Bomana police college into a centre of excellence.
“I want to ensure that all members of the Royal PNG Constabulary are properly uniformed,” he said.
“At this point in time we are an organisation but with many different uniforms.”
It was not easy to exercise discipline or command and control the force under those circumstances, he said.
Kulunga also wanted to continue implementing the 2004 administrative review and the recommendations in it.
All will require substantial funding and he hopes to get the minister’s support for the projects, he said when welcoming Duban in Port Moresby yesterday.