Kulunga: Members of police force must remain neutral


The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

POLICE Commissioner Tom Kulunga has called on all members of the Royal PNG Constabulary to remain neutral and uphold the rule of law.
Kulunga issued the statement following the handing down of the verdict on the constitutionality of the O’Neill government by the five-judge Supreme Court bench yesterday.
“All policemen and women must remain true to the Constitution, the rule of law, and must be impartial, regardless of what has transpired in the court house or on the floor of the national parliament,” Kulunga said.
He called on politicians to be mature and responsible in their handling of the situation.
“This is obviously a very critical phase in our country’s young history and words used loosely or careless actions can be detrimental to our country,” he said.
“I call upon all leaders on both sides of the house to exercise caution, restraint and act responsibly.
“What you decide to do now can and will determine the future of Papua New Guinea so I call upon our elected leaders to respect the systems and processes in place and to uphold the Constitution and the laws of Papua New Guinea at all times,” he said.
“I am also urging all members of the constabulary to at all times be disciplined, adhere to the chain of command, observe our laws, be impartial and carry out your duties responsibly.”