Kulunga reprimands Tei

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 20th, 2012

RECENTLY appointed Highlands Divisional Commander Teddy Tei, who allegedly issued “shoot to kill” orders to his officers, has been reprimanded by the Police Commissioner.
Tei reportedly gave the orders on Wednesday after claiming police manning counting venues were “issued threats” by supporters of candidates.
He said the threats came from “criminal elements” who wanted to “bomb” the facility where the ballot boxes were stored at the Kimininga police barracks.
Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga said police were not in the business of shooting and killing the very people they had sworn to protect and serve.
“It is my fervent hope that Tei’s comment were taken out of context because I would not expect my commanders to issue such an order,” Kulunga said.
“We are in the business of protecting and serving the people, not shooting and killing them,” he said.