Kulunga: Sorcery killings regarded as murder

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The National, Thursday 18th April 2013

 SORCERY killings in Papua New Guinea are regarded as murder, Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga says. He said that the existing sorcery law was insufficient to deal with sorcery-related killings in PNG.

Kulunga said police were trying to negotiate with the kidnappers of three women suspected of practising sorcery in South Bougainville.

The women were accused of killing a local man by practising sorcery and were held under guard by the local man’s relatives.

“The condition of one of the woman is deteriorating,” Kulunga said.

He said Bougainville police had put every effort to rescue the captured women.

“The accessibility into the area is very difficult and police have to walk into the area,” Kulunga said.

He appealed to the community leaders in South Bougainville to work with the police to release the captured women.