Kuman targets zero cheating

The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

THIS year’s school examinations are guaranteed to be free of malpractice and cheating, Education Minister Nick Kuman says.
Kuman said the Education Department was targeting zero cheating to make education an equal field for all to strive for excellence.
He told the Examination Malpractice Investigation and Review Team after receiving their report yesterday that they would ensure integrity would be maintained in the education system.
“Now that we’ve got all the 62 recommendations in the report, that gives the department a way forward to address the problems that came to light in 2010,” Kuman said.
“I think we are mindful of putting a complete overhaul to the system to ensure that there is total integrity in our examination process.”
Kuman said they would be setting up an independent assessment and examination body to address the leaking of examination papers.
Review team deputy chairman Dr Arnold Kukari said the team thoroughly investigated the examination process starting from the national level to the grass roots.
“Understanding the process and identifying possible gaps that we can recommend for interventions, we can restore public confidence in the examinations and the certification process,” Kukari said.
He said they had gone to nine provinces and visited almost 20 schools. They made 62 recommendations to the Education Department for action.
Kukari said from their investigations, they found that the management process of the examination was not effective.
That’s why examination papers continued to be leaked out, he said.