Kuman thanks MPs, govts for granting Jiwaka province status

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The National, Friday 25th November 2011

DIRECTOR and chief executive officer of Jiwaka interim administration thanked the members of parliament for finally giving Jiwaka its new province status on Wednesday.
Director Nicholas Kuman yesterday also thanked chairman of the National Boundary Commission Andrew Trawen and his team for working tirelessly to prepare the reports on boundary for Jiwaka and Hela on time and present it to parliament to be approved.
Kuman said given the short notice, Trawen, who was also the Electoral Commissioner and his officers, must be commended for doing an excellent job and now they were seeing the results of their hard work by creating two new provinces.
He said the people of Jiwaka have been fighting for the new province for a very long time and now they were happy.
“On behalf of the people of Jiwaka, I want to thank the former government and also the new government together with the other MPs for giving their final blessing,’ he said.
Kuman said that he was hopeful that the national government would release the necessary funding according their 2012 budget and submitted to prepare the new province for the first national election next year.
He said the public servants structure submitted to the Department of Personnel Management was already approved and awaiting the funding.
Meanwhile, he said the decision on where the provincial headquarter would be located would be determined by the new MPs who would be elected next year.
Kuman said now too much politicking has been going on regarding where the provincial headquarter would be and therefore, no decision has been made as yet.
He said people pulling strings at all corners and want the new elected leaders to decide where the provincial headquarter would be build.
He added that the important thing for his administration and Jiwaka Transitional Authority is to prepare necessarily ground work.