Kumuls and govt hailed


The referee gave the game away to England.
It was a scenario where PNG fell out of favour with the gentleman who had the whistle in his mouth.
Too many uncalled for penalties were awarded to the English.
The Kumuls also seemed to be out of favour with the video referee.
They should have disallowed one of those tries from the English forward pack and allowed for a Kato Ottio try to be on the board.
To the Kumuls you have fared well and above expectations.
You need to watch a replay of the Lebanon -Tonga game and do it the Middle East way against heavier opponents.
Robbie Farrar and Mitchel Moses have some lessons for us there.
Congratulations to the Kumuls’ camp and the Government of PNG for giving us a good game.
The country enjoyed the last seven weeks.

Timon Wena
Mt Wilhelm