Kumuls like lamb waiting to be slaughtered

Letters, Normal

WHILE the interim members of PNGRFL are doing their best to tell us to stay positive, the general feeling among fans is not as enthusiastic as it was during the World Cup.
There is a decline in the interest and it is felt that the likes of Gary Juffa and Brian Krammer had dragged the game backward instead of consolidating the momentum created by Albert Veratau and coach Adrian Lam.
The Kumul team for the World Cup performed well and they followed it up by winning the Pacific Cup last year. 
The coaching team was led by Lam and PNGRFL headed by Veratau were passionate and patriotic.
PNG, it seemed, was heading for good times until Juffa and Krammer came into the picture, creating leadership challenge.
It was obvious they do not see eye to eye with Lam, Veratau and other overseas-based players.
They have dimmed the hopes created by Veratau and Lam. 
The feelings we have now is like those early days when we knew the Kumuls would be slaughtered.


JW nationalist
Via email