Kunda calls for honesty

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The National, Thursday 9th May 2013


PUBLIC servants and families affected by the landslide at Kunabau in Kerowagi district, Chimbu, have been told to submit their claims of damage by the end the week.

Chimbu provincial administrator Joe Kunda told the affected families and public servants at Waigar village on Tuesday that their lack of cooperation and dishonesty usually made it difficult for the government to process their claims quickly.

“I call on the affected landowners and public servants to do honest assessments on the damage to enable government authorities to process their claims without delay and get the road re-opened,” Kunda said.

Kerowagi MP Camillus Dagima got the district administrator Guma Kowane and staff to assess damage to crops, coffee trees, homes, planted improvements and other structures.

Dagima who is from the affected area said he would take the issue up with relevant cabinet ministers to get the highway re-opened and treat as an emergency situation.

Justice Minister and Attorney-General Kerenga Kua and Chuave MP Wera Mori are equally concerned about getting the highway re-opened and promised to support Dagima to get cabinet to act fast.

Meanwhile, affected families are urging the government to immediately provide relief supplies and repatriate families left homeless by the landslide.

President of Gena-Waugla local level government council Wayang Kurumba said they had outstanding claims with the government over the Highlands Highway rehabilitation programme that must be settled with the current landslide before any highway restoration work could be carried out.

He condemned the statement released by Works Minister Francis Awesa about landowners hindering the highway re-opening.

Trucks bound for the hinterlands of the highlands region are stranded in Kundiawa and Goroka. 

The most affected are the PNG LNG project and the  Porgera Gold mine.