Kundiawa’s water supply cut

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The National – Thursday, June 16, 2011

THE main water supply to Kundiawa town, Chimbu, has been shut down by frustrated landowners over the non-payment of a compensation demands.
Simbaiku Okondiea tribesmen moved in to turn off the main tap at Urr village, a few kilometres north of Kundiawa town on Monday afternoon.
The landowners secured K6.8 million in compensation for the use of the water for the past 29 years.
Spokesmen Gena Kawagle, Chief Kupo Willie and Wakai Willie said in Kundiawa this week the money was released following a successful court process.
They said the money was being held back by the solicitor-general’s office and they did not know when it would be released to them.
“Now that we shut the water supply into Kundiawa town, it will remain shut until the money comes into our hands,” Willie said.
“Water is essential to life so the government must think of the people and the business houses in town,” he said.
They appealed to the government to make the payment quickly because the people living in town and the business houses were affected.