Kundiawa MP yet to deliver services

Letters, Normal

ALL the letters to editors in your paper criticising the Kundiawa-Gembogl MP for failing to deliver basic services are true.
The people from Kundiawa urban, Waiye, Nilkande and Mitnade LLGs have shown their confidence and trust in Joe Mek Teine, who is a well respected leader.
However, he has yet to return the faith we have shown in him.
He has been in office for more than two years but he has yet to come out with a five-year district development plan or tell us what he has done with the money allocated by the National Government.
The people are fast losing their confidence and trust in the MP.
The electorate has never had a two-term MP before and this trend looks like it is going to continue.
The MP’s current technical and strategic advisers must get cracking immediately or Mr Teine can change the whole lot, we do not care.
The bottom line is we want to see development and services.


Anigl suna nem